Simple & Good Cleaning Habits to Keep

To reduce mold and mildew in your homes, and to keep your house clean and smelling fresh, there are few simple and good cleaning habits to keeps.

Why HYDROGEN PEROXIDE is your cleaning friend?

We all know that Hydrogen Peroxide is great for disinfect the wound. They’re really easy to find in your pharmacy isle. But do you know that they’re great for cleaning too?

Emergency care for your carpet cleaning

Accident could happened, Anytime and Anywhere. Specially in your carpet but you don’t have to panic.

Top 10 Great Homemade Cleaning Products

Our list of simple, affordable and easy to use products to clean your home.

Why vinegar is cleaning best friend?

Not only affordable and safe, but vinegar can also work its magic for cleaning and get rid off mildew and bad odor in our home.

Cleaning Recipe with kids

Just like cooking, cleaning with kids sometimes needs some good and fun recipe. They’re surely is an expert in messy create “business”. But with a little bit of training they’ll achieved the cleaning accreditation from you.

Easy Cleaning with Feng Shui

Many years ago, the Chinese philosophy believed that harmonizing everyone and surrounding system will balanced the energy called Chi. We will find “ Sa Chi” or known as the attacking energy and “Si Chi” , known as low or decaying energy, constantly moving around us. In order to balance those out, they created a system called “Feng Shui”, which means wind and water.